[WORDLESS] I hope I pass

Another year, another credential? Keep your fingers crossed!
iPhone Image: "Studying for the CCSH," Tamara Kaye Sellman ©2014.
All Rights Reserved.


[WORDLESS] Where the heart is

Someone once told me I was a candle flame.
iPhone Image: "Homecoming votive," Tamara Kaye Sellman ©2014.
All Rights Reserved.


[WORDLESS] Turning 16

Megz' 16th birthday crown, the quirky pinata missing
one cone, when matched with her duck face pose,
captured the crazy quality of last week perfectly!


[MEDITATION] How to solve all your problems

Sometimes the solution to your current life challenge is to do the thing you used to do.

You know... the thing you did, then stopped doing, then forgot you knew how to do, only to realize suddenly, today, in a face-melting epiphany, that you did do it after all! And, by gum, were damn good at it!

Maybe yours was an Old School, analog approach to problem solving gone out of favor with the 2.0 crowd. Maybe that's why you forgot about it. High tech peer pressure.

Or, maybe you strayed from your path to learn a New School approach, to be all smarty-pants about your unwieldy 21st Century problem. Maybe your New School approached worked... but for only one project.

(Ever notice how guaranteed obsolescence is not only a matter of consumerism?)

It's easy to forgot that there is an old, time-tested way to fix just about any problem.

It's also easy to forget you once had mastery over that old, time-tested problem solving technique. Information overload can do that over time.

Ask yourself... Why not go back to the old way? Why wouldn't it work now? Might it work better than the new way you are failing miserably at now?

Old is not dead. Sometimes, old can be reliable, trusted, dependable. Old might give you splinters, but maybe that is part of the journey.

Lesson: Go back, do what you already know will work, and fix your problem.

No sense investing in a new hammer when you have a perfectly good old one in the shed. Because, you know, it's still there, where you left it last.