Six months ago I was writing about having a writing life as a person with MS. I'm happy to report, that reality's still going strong.

My health is good and I am thankful for the hidden blessings of living with chronic illness because they are excellent for teaching resilience in times of uncertainty.

The Writing Life

I have not been able to generate much in the way of new creative work.

However, my paid work as a blogger has expanded from my previous job (in which I wrote about sleep health, marketing strategy for medical providers, and for other specialties like recreational therapy, family practice, and orthopedics) to new blogging efforts for MultipleSclerosis.net and Multiple Sclerosis News Today.

I am able to do this because of a change in employers, from inboundMed.com (thanks for all the great opportunities!) to the American Sleep Apnea Association. As a result I also have more time to commit to SleepHeadCENTRAL.com as well as my book-in-progress.

From the Personal Pages

As with so many within my community, I'm on edge about the political changes we're facing, but I see some opportunities inside the chaos that give me hope. I participated in the smaller march in my community on the day after Inauguration Day, as well as Resistance Day, and will participate in some capacity for the March for Science and any other protest that protects the interests of my children.

I anticipate two trips within the next six months, one to Philadelphia (March) and one to Boston (June), both related to work. And I'll be going to the Spring YAWP over Easter weekend at Fort Worden as well as the Port Townsend Writers Conference in July.

In Other Writing News...

  • My prose poem, "Group Admin, Illness Forum" has been accepted by Pioneertown for an upcoming issue. 
  • My poem, "Uhthoff's Phenomena," published by Barking Sycamores last year, made it into their upcoming print anthology, which I'm just thrilled about!
  • All other works previously submitted since October 2015 have been accounted for (finally!); I sent out some new submissions just last week. Even if I haven't produced anything new, I have a whole treasure trove of work that's still looking for a home. 
  • I continue to publish trade articles for A2Zzz and pen the weekly curation column, "While You Were Sleeping," for the AAST blog, and I dabble in my nonfiction book project whenever possible.
  • Books I would like to recommend include The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, Dr. Sleep by Stephen King, Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, and Secrets of Worry Dolls by Amy Impellizzeri. 
Until next time...