Inspired Life: UW Dance, PodCon, Dry January, small business

Inspiration: Creative people

UW Dance... specifically the faculty show we attended last night. Jaw dropping, relevant, beautiful, astonishing, and evocative. I took away themes of community, mental illness, feminism, divergence, change, and respect.

Some performances made me want to cry ("11 Comets") and Etienne's Beninist dances were joy personified, so energizing. Plus, live music!!! 

Of course, I can't be objective, but Megan Sellman and cohorts were fantastic in the mesmerizing piece, "Division" by Brian Brooks and Alethea's visually super-cool piece, "We Were Always There" (please forgive me, I can't confirm this as I can't find my program).

Inspiration: Free expression

Still bathing in the ideas and motivation I gleaned from the workshops at #PodCon 2019. Some serious talent out there. Intelligent conversation, witty repartee, a desire to elevate or give voice to ideas that might otherwise be drowned out by media overload, and probably best of all⸺rampant, unapologetic diversity. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

This is why I will always be part of alternative media movements: fresh energy, "slant" concepts, the joy of discovery, fearlessness, organic drive. And young people! I am a middle-aged woman who celebrates the Millennials, after all. I'm kooky that way.

New-to-me podcasts I would highly recommend: 

Inspiration: The challenge of sobriety

This was Dry January (the challenge: drink no alcohol for the month of January), but it's also a dry life every single day for those who are facing down any sort of substance addiction. 

I have learned a great deal about these challenges recently and have more compassion and greater respect for those who walk this tightrope, as a result. 

I heard from a friend in FB who said they might keep practicing Dry January even after the month is over, and I am quite proud of them. 

Our world is brimming with socially sanctioned alcoholism, people addicted to prescription painkillers who do not fit the "addict" stereotype, and many who live in denial of their problems⸺as well as those who pay an emotional and economic cost to maintain relationships with those who live in denial of substance abuse. 

People who know me know I tend to prefer a clear head, and my MS medications make it pretty much a wash: my liver is already challenged, why tempt cirrhotic fate? I don't mind it when others drink, but if you live sober like I do, you can see how radically destructive even "social drinking" is having on loved ones. 

So yes, I got your back if you're aiming for sobriety. That's a road filled with potholes for so many, but they can and do complete the journey, however bumpy it might be. 

Inspiration: Small business tenacity

How about those chilaquiles at The Madison Diner? Not a small thing to ask, when you consider that they are putting them on the menu because I ASKED THEM TO. 

Local businesses really must push their community connections as part of their business acumen if they are to survive and thrive... especially in a small town like mine which relies on summer tourists to pay for winter's bills. 

Today is a sunny day in Bainbridge Island! Go into town and visit a small business you value... they really need our support. 

The diner has a new owner and I can see the positive influence he's having on the business. #ShopLocal, people. PS: The chilaquiles are delicious. Get the green sauce.